I have always had an interest in music and singing from as early as I can remember.... From
singing in the shower, to singing in the car, to singing with bands, music and singing is like
breathing to me... For me not to sing is to stop living, and expressing one's inner soul and

Music and singing is food for my being, and a way to connect with people's hearts and
emotions in a deep and profound way... I have sung many different styles of music which
include "Rock N Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz, Country, and Americana, etc.." 

I feel that each style of music has its own unique and good qualities, and that by having sung
many different styles, it makes you well rounded, a better musician, singer, and performer in all
forms of music.... I have found a home in the "Country-Rock and Americana" form of music, and
I feel it is an "Honest Style of Music" that can be sung from the heart, and truly reflects some of
the best qualities of "The American Spirit, Culture, and Values".... 

It is real.....I am a singer, a songwriter, arranger, and producer... I hope to keep growing in the
music business, to write and record more songs, to touch people's hearts, and have my voice
and music heard around the world....

Art Carter...

(Fri. 06/01/18) 

"My Friend", my current is single is doing real well on the "New Music Weekly" radio charts:

#39 Debut - Top 40 Main chart
#48 Hot 100 (AC & Hot AC) chart

 (Wed. 06/21/17) 

Got a fantastic album review on "Texture", by Lee Zimmerman for No Depression Magazine...:) You can read it here.


(Thurs. 03/09/17) 

Just got my first album review on "Texture" from Goldmine Magazine...:) Check it out. 


(Thurs. 12/28/16)

I have recorded a 15 song album of original songs called "Texture", and planning on a Release
Date of February 1st 2017. This album sounds awesome...:)

(Friday 01/15/16)

"Freedom Rains" won the Best Americana Album, in the January 2016 Akademia Music Awards!
You can see the awards, by clicking on link under Media. 


(Sunday 04/20/15)

I just released a music video to my song "I Can't Stay Good" off my "Freedom Rains CD"... :)
I am very happy with the way it turned out. You see it on my YouTube Channel, by clicking
on link under Media.

(Sunday 04/28/13)

I had a blast playing at the Leesburg Bikefest with my band "Art Carter and Nothing But
Trouble"... :) I want to thank all those who came out to support us, and "Hello" to some of the
new friends we made.

(Thursday 08/09/12)

I have added a new music video "Holding On", as the song is released to radio. You can see it
by looking under "Media" on my website. I am very happy with the way the video turned out, 
and the response to it... :)

(Sunday 04/29/12)

I just did a gig for the 2nd annual Gander Mountain Chili Cook off, and Fund Raiser for the
GIT-R-DONE Foundation founded by Larry The Cable Guy. His foundation funds kids groups
to help with medically needy things and help kids who are in a predicament where they need
help. I had a Great Time... :)

(Thursday 10/20/11)

I just found out from ASCAP, that my music has been used on the (Auction Kings, Jersey
Couture, Love Games Bad Girls Need Love Too, Toddlers and Tiaras) That makes me very

(Sunday 02/14/10)

Mr. Music a record label from Sweden, in conjunction with Bob Grady Records of Calhoun,
Georgia, and Affinity Music/ Don Reed Productions of Nashville Tennessee, added Art Carter
"Southside of My Heart" to their Country Compilation 10-2009.. Thanks Mr Music, Bob Grady
and Don Reed!!


There will be a review in the American Music Magazine, including the full year 2009 of Mr.
Music Country, first issue of the year.


(Saturday 07/18/09)

I entered "20 Minute Train" and "People Will Talk" in Billboard's 16th annual World Song
Contest. They both got "Honorable Mention" and placed in the Top 500. Thanks Billboard!!


(Friday 04/09/09)

Country Weekly "What's Online" - "20 Minute Train - Music Video" - Thanks Larry Holden
and Country Weekly.. :)


(Monday 01/19/09)

I and my band "Art Carter and Nothing But Trouble" had a great time opening for Country
Legend "Loretta Lynn" at Silver Springs, Sat. Jan. 17, 2009. It was a beautiful day, the band
played great, and we got to meet some of the musicians in Loretta's Band, who were very nice
people. Special thanks to Brooks and Christy from Silver Springs for having us as the Opening
Act for Loretta Lynn.. :)

(Friday 01/09/09)

12:45pm - Silver Springs, FL. - Opening for Loretta Lynn "The Coal Miner's Daughter" with my
band "Art Carter and Nothing But Trouble".. :)


(Thursday 01/01/09)

"20 Minute Train" Picked #8 - 2008 Red Hot Spotlight, Clear Channel, KIX Country 92.9 FM,
Port Charlotte, FL.. :)


(Monday 12/15/08)

I am in Country Weekly Magazine "Listen Up!!" Dec. 15-29, 2008 Issue.. :)


(Sunday 11/16/08)

CD Release Party for "Freedom Rains" was a blast!! Thanks for all who attended, and for my
band"Nothing But Trouble" putting on an excellent show!!.. :)

(Tuesday 09/02/08)

My song "20 Minute Train" on my new CD "Freedom Rains" was just added to Clear Channel .. :)

(Tuesday 07/08/08)

I am working on a New CD "Art Carter - Freedom Rains" that will be released in the Fall of 2008.
The Music was recorded in Studio 19, Nashville, and the Vocals are being recorded in Walker
Studios, Orlando, FL. It sounds awesome, and I would stack it up against anybody .. :)

(Saturday 03/03/08)

I was picked as GCR (Great Country Radio) Arist of the year for 2007 and 1st Member of the
Independent Artists National Hall of Fame .. :)


(Sunday - 12/31/07)

Art Carter (Bob Dellaposta) "Somebody Stop Me", Picked #1 "Country Legends In The Making
- Show67 " Series 2  Dec 27th 2007 - "TSP Best of 2003-2007 Count-Down Show"... :)


(Sunday - 11/04/07)

I played at the Deland Music Fest with my band "Art Carter and Nothing But Trouble." My song
"Somebody Stop Me" was selected as one of the Finalists for "Song of The Year" at the Deland
 Music Fest. :) 

(Sunday - 08/26/07)

Art Carter "Southside of My Heart" featured on "Red Hot Spotlight", Clear Channel WIKX-92.9
FM Kix Country, Port Charlotte, FL., that features Florida Artists during the TOP 30 USA National
Count Down.


(Sunday - 08/19/07)

Art Carter "Somebody Stop Me" added to (Clear Channel Radio) for airplay on Stations that play
a "Country, Rock, or Alternative" Format. 

Also available for online streaming on the same Clear Channel Radio Stations.:)

(Sunday - 12/31/06)

Art Carter "Somebody Stop Me" #2 in Malta on the ECMA Charts (European Country Music
Association) :) Art Carter "Somebody Stop Me" rated Top Ten Song in Norway, Rated #6 !!!! :)


(Sunday - 10/10/06)

I had "Somebody Stop Me" and "Next To You" put on a Compilation CD that was sent out to
over 1,000 Radio Stations around the USA and the World. The Compilation CD had 20 songs
on it, and without me asking they put "Somebody Stop Me" in the First Song Slot, and "Next To
You" in the Last Position on the CD. Normally you want to Open and Close with your Best
Songs. I guess they liked my songs... :) 

(Monday - 07/03/06)

I have been keeping very busy. My cd "Art Carter UNBOUND" has been getting a lot of radio
play lately... I also have been rehearsing with my new band "Art Carter and Nothing But Trouble".
I hope to be playing some gigs soon... :)

(Sunday - 12/04/05)

I have been writing a lot of new material for a New CD some time in the future. It will be a mix of
upbeat tunes, ballads, patriotic songs, and even one I wrote called "Jesus And My Heart". :) I 
am really looking forward to recording a CD of either "All" or almost All my own material.

(Sunday - 8/14/05)

My music has been made available for Digital Distribution and Purchase. Look under my "Media"
section to see a list. :)

(Wednesday - 12/15/04)

I am running my "30 and 60 Second Commercials" on Brighthouse Cable, CMT (Country Music
Television) (6am-12am) (Wed. 12/15/04 - Sun. 12/19/04), and again (Wed. 12/22/04 - Sun. 
12/26/04)... Keep your eyes open for it, and if you see it, let me know.. Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year...!!!

(Tuesday - 08/10/04)

Just received my completed "30 and 60 Second Direct Marketing Commercials" for my
UNBOUND CD.. I will be running it first on GAC (Great American Country) TV Channel in the
Greater Nashville Area.. :) I am very happy with the job done on the commercials.. I will be
running it on CMT in the Greater Orlando Area, and other places too..!!! :) I will also post copies
of the commercials on my website, as soon as I convert it into Downloadable Movies...

(Tuesday - 07/06/04)

Just returned from Nashville where I was making a "Direct Response Television Commercial"
to promote my UNBOUND CD... It went extremely well, and I am very excited about it.... :) Got
to go to the "Grand Ole Opry" and saw "Emerson Drive, John Conlee, Little Jimmy Dickens, 
Porter Wagoner, The Del McCoury Band", BeauSoleil a Great Cajun Band from Louisiana, and
several other Great Performers.. I sang at some different Venues in Nashville, including the world
famous "Tootsies" in Downtown Nashville... I saw some fantastic Fireworks for the 4th, and had a
Wonderful Time... :) Also, went to the "Country Music Hall of Fame" which I really enjoyed...
(Monday - 06/01/04)

Just got back from a trip to Nashville where I sang at "Ambassador Charlie Ray's Nashville Music
Festival" during Memorial Weekend... It was a festival for Singers and Songwriters... I also found
out that the songs I co-wrote with my friend Steve Wert, "Next To You" and "The Dream", Were
selected as Finalists in the Songwriter's Competition... :) While I was in Nashville I got to got to
the "Grand Ole Opry", which is alway outstanding.... George Jones, Jim Ed Brown, and Joe
Nickles were a few of the performers that night....

(Tuesday - 03/24/04)

"Goldmine Magazine" a National and International Music Magazine, did a review of my 
UNBOUND CD... It's in their April 2nd, 2004 Issue... Look under "Media" on my website to
see the review... :)

(Thursday - 01/22/04)

Did a gig at "The Bank Night Club" Downtown Orlando with Deego Productions last night...
It went very well, and had a great time...

(Sunday - 12/14/03)

Just got back from Nashville where I was video taped singing "Somebody Stop Me" for a
Television Show to be aired on Nashville Channel 75 in February... Also I got to go to the
"Grand Ole Opry" at the Ryman Auditorium Sat. 

12/13/03... The show was great, broadcast live byradio, and from 7-8 PM CST, was televised
live.. Some of the performers that performed were, "Porter Wagoner, Connie Smith, Jim Ed
Brown, Joe Nichols, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Jon Randall, Terri Clark, Rodney Crowell, Dierks
Bently, Del and Ronnie McCoury, Ronnie Dunn, and John Conlee"...

(Saturday - 11/29/03)

www.BlackSheepRadio.net, an Internet Radio Station to support Florida Artists, and is a
Grassroots organization. Added My CD "Art Carter UNBOUND" to their playlist... Thanks Black
Sheep Radio !!! Check it out, and request some of my songs if you like...

(Monday - 11/03/03)

I have been having an hard time trying to put together a band to play the music to My CD "Art
Carter UNBOUND"... It been hard finding the right musicians to play "Country and Rock", which
require some different skill sets... Because it's been so hard trying to put this band together, it hit
me like a bolt of lightning what to call My Backup Band.... Nothing But Trouble..... :) Which is
quite appropriate...

(Friday - 10/17/03)

Although other people have told me they have heard some of My Songs playing on the Radio, I
never have until Today... I heard "All I Want Is A Living" playing on "Real Radio WTKS 104.1 FM"
where it was picked for the "Song of The Week" on the Philips Phile... I was dancing around My
House like a Wild Man smiling from ear to ear... :)