“Art Carter Freedom Rains”

United States Declaration of Independence – “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among there are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

God has blessed America, and ultimately all our gifts come from him. So the gift of “Freedom” ultimately comes from God, or “Freedom Rains” from above.

This Album is dedicated to the Men & Women who have sacrificed to preserve “Our Freedom”, many times at the expense of their own lives.

May “God Bless America” and may “Freedom Rain.”

I want to thank Simri Dones, Aris Miranda, & John Ardito from my band “Nothing But Trouble” for helping me lay down a foundation for my songs, Bob Dellaposta for arrangements, Scott Neubert & the Musicians at Studio 19 for a great recording session, Guy Walker for helping me lay down the vocals, and doing an excellent job Mixing & Mastering. 

01) 20 Minute Train (3:23)

written by (Art Carter)
publisher (Art Carter Music)

02) America I Believe In You (3:45)

written by (Art Carter)
publisher (Art Carter Music)

03) Butterfly (3:40)

written by (Art Carter)
publisher (Art Carter Music)

04) Holding On (3:20)

written by (Bob Dellaposta & Dusty Drake)
publisher (My Three Kids Music & Cal IV Music)

05) I Can’t Stay Good (3:07)

written by (Art Carter)
publisher (Art Carter Music)

06) I’m Running (3:30)

written by (Art Carter & Steve Wert)
publisher (Art Carter Music)

07) Jesus And My Heart (5:27)

written by (Art Carter)
publisher (Art Carter Music)

08) People Will Talk (3:09)

written by (Art Carter)
publisher (Art Carter Music)

09) Two Hearts Are As One (3:22)

written by (Art Carter)
publisher (Art Carter Music)

10) You Won’t Be Lonely Long (3:31)

written by (Bob Dellaposta & Steve Williams)
publisher (My Three Kids Music & EMI April Music Inc.)

Art Carter ———– (executive producer & lead vocals)

Music Recorded at Studio 19, Nashville, TN.

Bob Dellaposta — (producer & arranger)

Bob is President & Owner of My 3 Kids Music Publishing (BMI), Muy Bambinos Music (ASCAP), Co-founded Silver Spring Music Publishing (BMI), and On The Row Music Publishing (ASCAP). 

He is a professional songwriter member, Adopt A Shop Pro for NSAI, workshop moderator with the organization for the past 15 years, and current president of The Nashville Publisher’s Network.

Bob has over 1300 songs recorded all over the world. He has a Gold Record in Denmark (Ann Taylor), Platinum Record in Greece (Hi-5). #1 Jazz Album on I-Tunes Canada (Sophie Milman), cuts by Clinton Gregory, Western Flyer, Emerson Drive (12 Gauge), Becky Hobbs and Bobby Vinton to name a few.

His songs have been placed in television and movies including Touchstone’s FELICITY, New Line Cinemas HIGHROLLER-THE STU UNGAR STORY, ABC’s ALL MY CHILDREN ,A&E SONS OF HOLLYWOOD and The BBC’s Singing With The Enemy.

Scott Neubert —– (producer, acoustic guitar, dobro, steel)

Scott owns and runs Smash Recording Studios / Nashville, TN. He has decades of experience in playing acoustic guitar, dobro, mandolin, steel, recording, producing, arranging, writing and singing. Scott played acoustic guitar & dobro – Trace Adkins “Big Time” CD, acoustic guitar & background vocals – Hal Ketchum “The Hits”, “Sure Love”, and “Every Little Word” CDs.

Scott played on on – Jeff Bates “Leave The Light On” CD, and also played dobro on – Gail Davis “Live And Unplugged At The Station Inn” CD. He played acoustic guitar, dobro, mandolin on – “Homeless in America”, a Charity CD by Nashville’s Roots Musicians. Scott played resonator guitar and sang harmony vocals on – Donna Ulisse Walk This Mountain Down” CD, he played on – Jessee Williams “The Truck Stops Here” CD.

Kyle Hershman — (engineer)

Kyle was the engineer the day of my music recording at Studio 19, on Music Row, in Nashville. He did a great job.

Bob Williams —– (electric guitar)

Bob plays guitar in the Webb Wilder Band. Bob played guitar on – Randy Jack’s Country-Rock CD “Shoot FOR THE MOON”, on – RAY KENNEDY “Guitar Man” CD, he played electric guitar on – Mike Lounibos “Full Tank of Love” CD. Bob played lead & acoustic guitar on – “Homeless in America”, a Charity CD by Nashville’s Roots Musicians.

Bobby King ——– (bass)

Bobby played bass on – John McCutcheon “Wintersongs” & “Nothing To Lose”, on – “Homeless in America”, a Charity CD by Nashville’s Roots Musicians, on – Cary Grace Book Of Rhymes CD, and – T. Graham Brown “The Present” (CD), and on – Ted Fillhart “Foot Prints.” Bobby played upright bass on – Donna Ulisse Walk This Mountain Down” CD, and on – Roger Idaho “Ponderay County USA” CD.

Steve Holland —- (drums & percussion)

Steve played drums on – Kevin Maines “What I Am” CD, drums & percussion on – “Homeless in America”, a Charity CD by Nashville’s Roots Musicians, and on – Pete Berwick “Ain’t No Train Outta Nashville” CD.

Steve played drums & percussion on – Betsy Foster “A Dream Come True”, on – “Bear Essentials” by Various Artists, and on – Destined “Call The Physician”. He played drums on – Melissa Gibson “Lighthouse Point”, on – Roger Idaho “Ponderay County USA”, on – Crystal River “Taking A Stand”, on – Melissa Gibson “Welcome To Stay” CD, and many others.

Dennis Wage —– (keyboard)

Dennis played piano & Hammond b-3 organ on – T. Graham Brown “The Present” (CD), and played on – Ted Fillhart “Foot Prints.” He played organ on – Melissa Gibson “Welcome To Stay” CD, and played on – “Sixwire” CD. Dennis played piano on – “Pickin’ On Shania Twain: An Instrumental Country Tribute” CD, and Hammond b-3 organ on – Trent Willmon “Little More Livin'” CD.

He played on – “Pickin’ On Jimmy Buffett: A Bluegrass Tribute” CD, on – Todd Fritsch “Sawdust” CD. Dennis played keyboard on – Marcus Eldridge “Bring On The Night” CD, and on – Delana Stevens “Welcome To My World” CD.

Bryan Cumming – (sax & cornet)

Singer-songwriter Bryan Cumming has toured or recorded with a wide range of artists, including John Hall, Al Jarreau, Maria Muldaur, The Ohio Players, David Soul, Supertramp, Anne Murray, Al Kooper, The Pointer Sisters, Billy Vera and the Beaters, ShaNaNa, and K.T. Oslin before opening Studio 23 Nashville.

Bryan played sax on – Melissa Gibson “Welcome To Stay” CD, on – “Best Of Michael Martin Murphey” CD, and on – Rita Coolidge “Thinkin’ About You” CD.

Jason Roller ——- (fiddle) 

Jason played violin on – Betsy Foster “A Dream Come True”, and played on – Roger Idaho “Ponderay County USA” CD. Jason played fiddle on – Jessee Williams “The Truck Stops Here” CD, on – Phillip David Harris “Keep On Movin'” CD, on – Chas Williams “Ring Of Fire” CD, and on – The Lost Trailers “Holler Back” CD.

Vocals/Mix/Master Recorded at Walker Studios, Orlando, FL.

Guy Walker ——– (producer & engineer, guitar solo “Jesus And My Heart”)

Guy has many credits as a Producer, Music Director, Songwriter, Arranger, Guitarist, owner of Walker Studios, Orlando, FL, and of “Guy Walk Publishing” (BMI). He was Co-Arranger on the song “Time” on the Backstreet Boys CD Black and Blue, Orlando Magic (NBA) Theme Music (Session guitarist / arranger), and Mission To Mars (Studio guitarist / original music writer).

Guy has been Music Director/Guitarist for John Secada & Joey Daniels, Music Director/Guitarist (Big 3 Record / Entertainment), and Hard Rock Academy (Summer Rock and Roll Camp) – (Guitar Instructor).

He has played guitar on tour with “Brian Littrells” Japan tours 2006 & 2007,  played guitar on – “Backstreet Boys” (Millennium Tour May 1999 – March 2000), on – John Secada & Joey Daniels shows in Phoenix, Arizona and Treasure Island, Florida.

Guy has also played guitar as a studio musician on – Golf Channel “Big Break 5 Hawaii” (Final Score Production / Glenn Longacre producer), on – Deborah Gibson Song / “Naked” (Big 3 Records), played guitar for – John Secada, and on – Tabitha’s Secret (National Release) (Rob Thomas – Matchbox 20 – Vocals).

Simri Dones ——- (background vocals)

Simri plays Lead Guitar in my band “Art Carter & Nothing But Trouble.”

Born into a 9 sibling (8th) family of musicians and singers, Simri has been playing, singing and performing since he was old enough to scratch a guitar. On holidays and family gatherings, meals were followed with a musical improvisational jam. His large family’s musical interests spanned all genres – Country, Gospel, Rock & Roll, and Jazz, etc. – as such, Simri learned to love and appreciate many different styles of music.

Aris Miranda —— (background vocals)

Aris plays Bass in my band “Art Carter & Nothing But Trouble.”

Born and raised into a family of musicians, Aris is a multi instrumentalist who began by playing piano by the age of 7. He picked up on bass, drums and percussion by 10, and that’s when he found his affinity to the bass. He started playing in church, and for over 20 years now has covered many genres; i.e. Jazz, Latin, Gospel, Christian Contemporary, Reggae, Country, Rock N Roll, R&B, etc.

11) I Can And I Will [Remix] (3:57) [Bonus Track UNBOUND]

written by (Guy Walker)
publisher (G. Walk Publishing)

12) All I Want Is A Living [Remix] (3:17) [Bonus Track UNBOUND]

written by (Steven Cooper & Glenn Mayo)
publisher (Spiral Cash Music)

Guy Walker —- remix & mastering (Walker Studios, Orlando, FL)